Repole Warren



Simply Unfortunate

You knew me as Warren Repole

To Help You Remember:

Class Valedictorian; Newspaper Editor; Mathlete; Played Bass Drum in marching band for four years

Since Leaving Hendrick Hudson:

Wife Susan (1991), daughter Gina (1994); Attended University of Florida (B.A., Statistics); Moved to Washington DC area in 1987; Award-winning football handicapper since 1984 -- top-rated NFL handicapper for 2001 according to two monitoring services

What About Now?

Living in Vienna VA; Technical Training Specialist, teaching computer software classes at SAS Institute's Rockville MD training center

Teacher Who Most Influenced My Life

Mrs. O'Rourke, 4th grade at Furnace Woods School. Learning about the stock market and raising money for a mock Presidential campaign was enough. But allowing us conduct a [blissfully ignorant] campaign for George Wallace – that took courage!

Encounters with the Famous -- or Infamous

Worked with Art Fleming, original host of "Jeopardy!" during a college quiz- bowl competition; Waited in line ahead of ABC's Sam Donaldson at an Amtrak ticket counter shortly after 9/11

Yes, I Really Did That!

Yes, I really did dress up as a rabbit to surprise my (soon-to-be) wife for Easter. And now you're a witness to the embarrassing evidence!

Now playing at a theater near you -- The Story of Warren Repole, starring…

John Ratzenberger, best known for playing Cliff Clavin, the mailman on "Cheers"