Hen Hud Class of 1977 Directory Questionnaire

Photos are also welcome for inclusion in the directory. You can scan them and email to Warren Repole or mail to me at 1705 Palm Springs Dr, Vienna VA 22182-2331. [I'll return mailed photos with the next draft of your directory entry.]

Thanks for participating.
Warren Repole

My Name is
My Email Address is (Used to verify your identity)
My Mailing Address is

My Telephone Number is

My Family Status is

[include spouse name and marriage year; name and birth year for children; number of grandchildren]

My Current Occupation is

[include position and company/organization name, if any]

My Education since High School includes

[list institutions and degrees earned, if any]

A small fact to help my classmates remember who I was during school:

The teacher that most influenced my life since high school was...

Of all my post-high school accomplishments, I am most proud of...

Some Places I've Lived
(Examples: Australian Outback; Shared a dorm room with a future U.S. Senator)

Some Jobs I've Had
(Examples: Stay-at-home parent; Wrote campaign speeches for a Presidential candidate)

Some of My Travels in the Past 30 Years
(Examples: Club Med vacation in the Caribbean; Stranded by a snowstorm while attending a relative's wedding in Buffalo)

The time I met a famous -- or infamous --person
(Examples: Had dinner with "Achy Breaky Heart" singer Billy Ray Cyrus; Stepped on Tom Brokaw's foot in a hotel elevator)

Something I'd like to do before our 50TH reunion
(Example: Travel to Alaska to see the Northern Lights)

If someone makes a TV movie of my life, should play ME.
Furthermore, I nominate to play my classmate .

My most embarrassing moment was...

Here's a funny story about my family and/or friends...

One time, I did something absolutely goofy or out of character. The details...

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