Hendrick Hudson High School Dedication

Article from The Highland Democrat, Saturday, April 21, 1928

(text transcribed by Warren Repole)


Fine New Home of School Students From Buchanan, Verplancks and Montrose Now Completed – Program of Dedication Being Arranged – State Dept Official To Be Present.

The new Hendrick Hudson High School located at Montrose, will be dedicated next Thursday evening, April 26th. This building is erected on a site of 12 acres purchased from the Shedd estate. The building was begun in June 1926 and was slightly delayed during the summer by a large amount of rock in excavation. The cornerstone was laid on April 9, 1927.

The program prepared for the dedication exercises to be held in the auditorium follows:

One hundred invitations have been sent out to prominent citizens and educators and seats reserved for them. Of course the general public is also invited to attend the interesting ceremonies. There will be ample seating capacity.

The new Hendrick Hudson High School at Montrose is situated on a hill overlooking the State road and about 300 yards back, built a twelve acre plot.

The building faces the east and consists of basement, sub-basement, first, second and third floors. It is 174 ft. long, 60 ft. wide with an "L" extending back for an auditorium and gymnasium with a height of 60 ft. to the main roof and to the top of the cupola 96 ft.

In the basement is the gymnasium 70 ft. long, 50 ft. wide with spectators' gallery and seats for 350. A Domestic Science room 28 ft. by 22 ft. which will be equipped with 8 tables with gas stoves attached, instructor's desk, gas range and sinks. A pantry 14 ft. by 9 ft. between this domestic science room and the kitchen for the cafeteria. This kitchen is. 18 ft. by 20 ft. equipped with gas ranges, dish-washing machines, sinks and all the other necessary equipment. A cafeteria 21 ft. by 65 ft. with counter 28 ft. long to accommodate 142 pupils, and with chocolate and water urns. A Manual Training room 38 ft. by 20 ft. with double benches and adjoining that a finishing room 14 ft. by 22 ft. with storage closets, glue pots, etc. Also janitor room, gymnasium instructor's room, lockers and shower room for both boys and girls, also toilets. The sub-basement contains the boiler rooms, coal storage room for motor and electrical apparatus, and corridors.

First Floor Described

The first floor is for a Junior High school department. There are six class rooms 32 ft. by 22. ft., completed with both slate blackboards and cork exhibition boards, containing wardrobes for teachers and pupils and store room closets. In addition on this floor is the main entrance and both boys and girls entrances at each end of a corridor, the whole length of the building. Also a principal's office and waiting room, board meeting room, clinic for use of doctor and nurse, supply room, both boys' and girls' toilets. Here is also the main auditorium with a slanting floor 56 ft. by 50 ft. and a stage 18 ft. by 20 ft. with dressing rooms on each side. The auditorium is entered directly from the main public lobby.

Big Study Hall

The second floor contains a study hall 22 ft. by 60 ft. to seat 100 pupils and four recitation rooms 16 ft. by 22 ft., a drawing and sewing room 22 ft. by 32 ft., a commercial room 48 ft. by 22 ft. divided with glass partition, a large library 30 ft. by 22, teacher's rest room, book storage room, boys' and girls' toilets, and balcony of auditorium from this floor. There is a booth for moving pictures and 150 lockers along the corridors.

On the third floor is a physical and chemical laboratory combined, a biological laboratory with a museum for the storage of specimens and a dark room.

The school is equipped with automatic clock system, fire bells, and telephone system. Paper chutes are built from each floor. The heating system is of steam with the Univent system of ventilation with fresh air entering each separate class room. The blower forces fresh air into the gymnasium and auditorium.

The building has been thoroughly equipped. The color scheme through out the building is birch-walnut with the exception of the library which is trimmed the same color as the building.

The Junior High School rooms have between 35 and 40 seats in each room and the study hall on the second floor is equipped with tables and chairs to seat a few more than 100 pupils. This arrangement was considered by the Inspector of Schools as a fine innovation which he considered very unique.

The Commercial rooms are equipped with 30 large commercial desks and the other room has 25 special typewriter desks. In the upper corridors are the lockers and the corridors have all been covered with Rubberstone as have the toilets and cafeteria.

One of the features is a huge clock, illuminated at night, in the front of the structure.

On the large face of the cornerstone are the numerals 1926. On the end is the name of the architects Knappe & Morris, Architects.

The foremen of the groups of workmen which built the new school house were:

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